HODL secured as a word mark (and design) - Blocktrainer.de provides clarification

“Secured as a word trademark: German company takes action against “HODL” merchandise!”

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Dear HODL & Crypto Community,

We would like to give you some background information and provide clarity on questions that have recently arisen.

No intention to exploit the trademark:

There was and is no intention to generate the “ HODL ” brand and misuse it for merchandise. The trademark registration was exclusively for our protected HODL design and the concept that we would like to implement in order to create added value. Personalizing the HODL design was the first step, especially considering the NFT space, which is currently experiencing challenges. Further ideas are being planned, always with the aim of creating added value without fraudulent intentions .

Why the trademark was reapplied:

The renewed registration of the HODL brand serves solely to protect our HODL design and the planned concept for the future.

Why platforms were informed:

Notifying the platforms that we are the trademark owner does not serve the purpose of issuing warnings against creators. As a brand owner, we have access to various tools offered to us by the platform operators, and the use of these tools requires ownership of the “brand”. Some examples of this are A+ content , alternative advertising options, personal contacts and the possibility of taking action against unauthorized use - all of this in the context of our concept . The platforms that have deleted existing offers probably do not have these tools.


HODL is and remains a way of life!

HODL should be like "Kinder" (chocolate) or "Boss" (clothes). These terms were also protected and used, even though they were not “invented” by the companies.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that no creator has to worry about receiving a warning just because they use the word “HODL” as a meme in their creations.

During this contemplative time, we wish you happy holidays and a satisfactory start to the crypto spring.

Jochen Gawenda