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08/11/2023 | Ranstadt

NFT-Based Merch Store HODL Introduces "First Edition" NFT Collection, Merging Fashion, Crypto and Investment Mottos

[August 11, 2023] – HODL, the cutting-edge online merch store, is set to revolutionize the intersection of NFTs and fashion with the launch of its inaugural HODL First Edition NFT Collection. This visionary collection offers a seamless blend of original artwork and fashion, granting enthusiasts access to a new realm of digital assets and exclusive perks.

Designed to resonate with both crypto connoisseurs and fashion aficionados, the HODL First Edition NFT Collection allows customers to effortlessly acquire these uniquely crafted digital tokens. All that they need to do is buy their favorite merchandise (there are some cool beach bags, iPhone cases, T-shirts and more) for €129 / $129 or more. Buyers will then automatically receive a free NFT that they just need to mint, and which will open the door to a world of benefits, including special discounts, exclusive perks and an access to future collections. Alternatively, they can also opt for just purchasing the NFT alone for this price.

"We believe that NFTs and fashion are a natural pairing, and our First Edition NFT Collection embodies this synergy perfectly," says CEO Jochen Gawenda, the inventor of the HODL DESIGN at HODL. "Beyond serving as remarkable pieces of digital art, these NFTs unlock a host of privileges, from access to distinctive content and discounts to early releases and more."

Key Features of the HODL FIRST EDITION NFT:

  • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy privileged access to unique crypto artworks and limited editions, enriching the collection at attractive prices.
  • Future Special Editions: Holders of the HODL First Edition NFT gain exclusive entry to forthcoming limited editions and distinct market releases.
  • Store Coupons: Loyalty is rewarded through regular coupon distributions, enabling the expansion of the crypto collection while maximizing savings.
  • Early Access: Be among the first to explore our product lineup, securing coveted crypto items before they reach the broader market.

At the heart of the HODL First Edition NFT lies a fusion of artistic expression and crypto ethos. With poignant messages embedded within the design—such as "Not your keys, not your coins," DYOR ("Do Your Own Research"), SAFU ("Secure Asset Fund for Users"), and WAGMI ("We Are Going Moon, Indeed")—the collection captures the essence of the crypto community. Beyond its artistic value, the HODL Design symbolizes unity, commitment, and enthusiasm within the crypto universe.

Eager to enhance the NFT experience for its customers, HODL offers an exclusive customization service. For the first three owners of a CryptoPunk or Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, the HODL CUSTOMIZATION SERVICE is complimentary. By merging the strengths of one’s treasured NFT with the distinctive HODL Design, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece is created.

Additionally, HODL extends an exceptional opportunity to NFT enthusiasts: the chance to market custom designs through an Affiliate Partner program. With the fusion of unique NFT HODL Design mix, individuals can captivate their communities while leveraging the store's infrastructure and expertise.

HODL also welcomes all first-time investors and NFT fans a 10% discount on their initial purchase awaits. By signing up today, users will receive an exclusive 10% discount code applicable to their first purchase at HODL. "HODL with Style - show it!"

About HODL

HODL is a pioneering Web3 online merch store that seamlessly merges the realms of NFTs and fashion. With its innovative First Edition NFT Collection, HODL aims to redefine the connection between digital art, cryptocurrency, and style, offering customers an unprecedented fusion of creativity and privilege.

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Name: CEO, Jochen Gawenda
City: D-Ranstadt